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Get paid for your daily online activity! is a platform backed by Giants of Marketing & Technology World that allows you to quickly and easily earn Tokens (Transact Token), rewards and cashbacks. You can earn rewards by completing simple tasks like Recommending a Post or Inviting People to a Webinar. Its Free and Easy!

How it works?

Creating your account is quick and easy. All you need to do is fill out your name and email address, complete your account set up, and you’re ready to start earning rewards right away. You’ll even be able to earn massive bonuses by getting your friends to sign up too!
If you are a Business, Use the Tokens earned to Boost Your Business’s Growth and Generate Revenue for yourself!

Tokenize and Earn Rewards for the things you already do!

  • Recommend a Post
  • Inviting People to a webinar

  • Attending events

  • Promote Products & Services using AI
  • Conduct Polls
  • Refer Resumes for Job Offers


We developed this network to make Transact Tokens as easy as possible to access, store, and exchange across the. With Transact Tokens, you can create funds for your retirement or even use it for benefits directly shared back with you in many ways..


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If you run a Business, has Just the right platform for you. Use the Tranasct Tokens

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Get rewarded with an Entry the Exclusive President’s Club and get acquainted with the Who’s who of the

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Opportunity to intern and possibly work full time, if you excel in the Ambassador program.

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Become a Global Ambassador using platform and leverage your Social Media Contacts to generate income for yourself.

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Transact Token Explained!

1. How are Transact Token similar to other Cryptocurrencies?

They have a monetary value which means they can be encashed through’s web platform. On _____(date), the Transact Token will be enlisted on cryptocurrency exchanges. This will allow Transact Tokens to be traded for fiat currency, or to be exchanged for other popular cryptocurrencies.

2. How are Transact tokens different from other cryptocurrencies?

Transact tokens have two primary differentiators; it’s the only currency that can be used across every transaction on the network. Whether that’s to purchase goods and services, promote content, buy ad spaces, or even purchase rewards. The tokens will also be used to cycle back value to users through revenue share, rewards and enhanced token value.

3. What’s a Transact Token worth?

Currently ___ tokens are valued at $1.00. Transact tokens are limited in supply and are intrinsically linked to’s Spaces Index which displays in real-time all primary transactions on the network.

4. Where can I keep my tokens?

Every account created on comes with its own in-app digital wallet where you can store your Transact tokens.

5. Why should I own Transact tokens?

Transact tokens fuel the network, so as the network grows and becomes more impactful so will the importance of its fuel.

If you’d like to learn more about Transact tokens you can dig deeper
by visiting this link