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We are looking for Outgoing and creative Transactcoiners who are eager to become Global Ambassadors at Transactcoin. As a Global Ambassador, you will Leverage your Social Network contacts to generate a sizeable income for yourself. Our Global Ambassadors are a very important part of our team. Do you think you have what it takes to become a Global Ambassador at Transactcoin? If you do, apply at our Global Ambassador Program Platform (EOS) to become a part of our Transactcoin Brand Ambassador community

Qualifications of a Global Ambassador

  • Proactive Transactcoin User and social media enthusiast
  • Friendly, outgoing, and social Creative and innovative
  • Excellent communication Skills Know where the action is happening in your area of expertise
  • Access to a Computer/ Laptop with Internet connection
  • An interest in Marketing is a plus
  • An interest in Marketing is a plus
  • University Students are encouraged to apply

How it Works

The concept is very simple: As a Transactcoin Global Ambassador, You help promote our web sites and services, and our clients’ products and services, on your social media. You use AI driven automated tool to send messages, recommend posts, invite people to webinars or even get people to sign up onto our partner websites and get rewarded with Transact Tokens..

You will Need

A Computer/ Laptop with reliable Internet access. A LinkedIn/ facebook account with at least 100 connections. Access the AI tool every day and run it in the background for a minimum of 60 minutes.

Transactcoiner Ambassador Rewards

We love to pamper our Global Ambassadors, if you get chosen to embark on this journey with us you will be rewarded with:

– Transact Tokens for use of in-built products & services for yourself

– President Club Membership

– Become featured as ambassador of the month on our website and social media pages

Exclusive invitations to local events for you and your friends

– Gift Cards

– Opportunity to intern and possibly work full time at if you excel in the Ambassador program

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