• This is Transactcoin.io’s very own digital currency.

  • The tokens are built on the __________ blockchain to power transactions across the Transactcoin.io network.

  • Whether that’s to purchase goods and services, promote content, buy ad spaces, or even purchase rewards.

  • The tokens will also be used to cycle back value to users through revenue share, rewards and enhanced token value.

Get Rewarded

Get Rewarded with Transact Tokens!

By Just using your Social Media accounts and engaging in tasks that you normally do!

With people joining Transactcoin.io every day and more tokens being given, encashed, traded – this will directly influence the number of tokens we will be distributing to users. 

With unlimited earning possibilities, it just means more tokens for you!

How it Works?

Every Minute you spend on Social Media, every day, you will earn Tokens.

Every time you send a Message, recommend a post, send a Webinar Invite, recommend a Job to a Contact, you potentially keep earning.


Keep an eye on Tokens you’re earning and trading.

All the tokens you earn via rewards, bonuses and engagement, will be displayed in real-time on

your dashboard.

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